• General Business

    From law to economics to accounting, students in the Business major learn that knowing a little about a lot is what others regard as wisdom. But the skills learned in the Business major's required courses lead to more than a "bigger picture" understanding of the economy—they lead to an economy where Culverhouse students are the picture's subject and focal point. 

    Classes required for various specialization paths may vary. 

    • AC 351Managerial Accounting Decisions
    • AC 352Corporate Financial Reporting
    • EC 308Intermediate Microeconomics
    • EC 309Intermediate Macroeconomics
    • EC 400Analysis of Economic Conditions at the Micro/Macro Level
    • FI 301Introduction to Financial Institutions & Markets
    • FI 302Business Finance
    • FI 400Financial Institutions, Markets & Investments
    • GBA 490Strategic Management
    • IBA 350Introduction to World Business
    • LGS 200Legal Environment of Business
    • MGT 320Leadership
    • MGT 341Contemporary Ethical Issues
    • MGT 386Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
    • MIS 200Fundamentals of Management Information Systems
    • MKT 310Introduction to Electronic Commerce
    • MKT 313Buyer Behavior
    • MKT 321Retail Management
    • MKT 337Professional Selling
    • MKT 444Promotional Management
    • OM 300Introduction to Production Management
    • ST 260Statistical Data Analysis
  • Economics

    Economics majors are well versed in math. They are exceptional logical thinkers with an interest in human systems. Courses undertaken in Economics take Culverhouse graduates from the classroom to the boardroom and serve as excellent preparation for those interested in a wide array of fields including economics, finance, law and public policy. For students whose interests go beyond a single area, economics may be the most important major.

    Students must take the following courses plus two electives in Economics.

    • EC 308Intermediate Microeconomics
    • EC 309Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs are responsible for many of the greatest enterprises in the world. From the very small to the very large scale, millions of businesses have either been sustained or rescued by capital investment at the entrepreneurial level. Where others see risk, entrepreneurs see possibilities. 

    The mission of the Culverhouse Entrepreneurship specialization can be summarized in one word: innovation. Culverhouse equips its students with a strong foundation in the creation, development and operation of new, brave and exciting business ventures. Students studying Entrepreneurship will work closely with industry-experienced lecturers and faculty throughout their coursework to provide a real-world perspective on their degree and career choices, while learning firsthand that being a leader means walking the road less traveled..

    • MGT 482New Venture Development
    • MGT 486Small Business Consulting
    • MKT 473Marketing Research
  • Finance

    Having a background in Finance allows our graduates to choose which of today's market sectors will define tomorrow's economies. The undergraduate finance program offers courses designed to develop the student's analytical skills and abilities. 

    Undergraduate students seeking a degree in Finance must select an additional major or specialization. Culverhouse graduates who complete studies in General Business with an interest in Finance make themselves eligible for careers in banking, financial services, corporate finance, investment management, real estate, insurance enterprise risk management, consulting and the public sector.


    • EC 308Intermediate Microeconomics
    • FI 301Introduction to Financial Institutions & Markets
    • FI 410Intermediate Financial Management
    • FI 412Money & Capital Markets
    • FI 414Investments
  • Global Business

    Globalization is more than just a trademark of 21st century business used to explain the flattening of the global economy. It describes perfectly whom the economy and the modern enterprise must always cater to: the world.

    This specialization provides the information and the tools students need to compete and succeed in the global market. These courses integrate topics spanning from international trade to global competition and strategy.

    With preliminary hours of preparatory coursework in our Global Business curriculum, our students emerge prepared with a global perspective.

    Our faculty scholars and students teach and study around the world. Our students are able to gain international experience through study abroad and internship programs that better prepare them for competition in today's global economy. Culverhouse may be local, but our knowledge is global.

    The Global Business Specialization is comprised of 2 required courses, 2 elective courses, 4 semesters of one foreign language, and 1 study abroad class.

    • EC 430International Trade
    • EC 431International Finance
    • IBA 350Introduction to World Business
    • IBA 351Multinational Business Communication
    • IBA 460Export-Import Management
    • MKT 455International Marketing
  • Insurance for Non-Majors

    Culverhouse ranks among the top schools for students seeking knowledge of insurance management. 

    Modern economies could not exist without risk management insurance and financial services. Every individual and organization faces the risk and possibility of loss from the following: exposure to liability, an interest in property which may be lost or destroyed, dying while others depend on you for their livelihood, expenses and lost income resulting from an accident or sickness, outliving your financial resources, and loss of assets due to lack of financial planning. 

    Students taking Insurance for non-majors learn to manage complex risks, which prepares them for one of the many rewarding career paths in insurance, financial services and risk management. These courses allow students to enter the job market with comprehensive insurance of their own.

    • FI 341Fundamentals of Risk Management & Insurance
    • FI 410Intermediate Financial Management
    • FI 412Money & Capital Markets
    • FI 414Investments
    • FI 442Business Risk Management
    • FI 443Property & Liability Insurance
    • FI 444Life & Health Insurance
  • Management Communication

    This specialization helps students manage what they communicate as young professionals. Our students improve the impression they make when communicating orally and visually. They exercise their emotional intelligence to gain acceptance as leaders when communicating interpersonally. They gain professional experience by consulting with a client about a workplace document, using their interpersonal, oral, visual, and written communication skills.  Students get hands-on, in-class practice with individual mentoring in all three classes.

    Students in the MGTCOM program are ready to meet the No. #1 requirement for careers in for-profit companies, non-profits, and government agencies – communication skills.

    • MGT 412Managerial Presentations
    • MGT 422Leadership Communication
    • MGT 452Management Communication Projects
  • Personal Wealth Management

    Every Culverhouse student is in some way a specialist in the field of personal wealth management. However, a concentration in Personal Wealth Management enables you to get more from those skills.

    This course of study qualifies the student to sit for the Certified Financial Planner™ exam. The course selection extensively covers all aspects of personal finance including investments, estate planning, taxation, risk management and insurance, employee benefits, and retirement planning.

    Graduates of the Personal Wealth Management Specialization often land careers working in or with securities firms, bank trust departments, mutual funds, insurance companies, investment advisory firms, and pension and accounting firms. Students will graduate with extensive knowledge of all areas of personal finance and wealth management.

    Note: Non-Finance majors will need to complete FI 414 Investments to sit for the Certified Financial Planner™ exam.

    • AC 371Introduction to Taxation
    • FI 341Fundamentals of Risk Management & Insurance
    • FI 360Personal Asset Management
    • FI 444Life & Health Insurance
    • FI 460Advanced Financial Planning
    • LGS 403Administration of Estates & Trusts
  • Professional Selling

    Students specialize in Professional Selling as a way to enhance their academic focus. Consisting of four courses, a sales specialization is a strategic supplement to a General Business degree and a necessary addition to any business education. These courses expose students to sales theory, relevant concepts and up-to-date technologies. 

    The Professional Selling specialization’s project-based curriculum and live business-to-business selling environments keep students challenged and engaged. Students complete the specialization with over 150 hours of actual selling experience. 

    Sales students are ideal candidates to a hiring organization; they are well-versed in account management, team management, professional selling and will quickly contribute revenue. If you’re a fast thinker and a born negotiator, then Professional Selling is a specialization worth undertaking.

    • MKT 337Professional Selling
    • MKT 338Sales Management
    • MKT 437Advanced Sales
    • MKT 439Key Account Management
  • Real Estate

    For students in the Real Estate specialization, bringing work home means giving people's work a home. What was once thought of as expertise required only for individuals seeking a career in residential and home sales has continued to grow into commercial markets, creating highly regarded career opportunities with it.

    The Real Estate concentration combines many different academic disciplines including economics, finance, sales, marketing and law.

    Commercial brokerage, appraisal, mortgage banking, property management, asset management and portfolio analysis are common areas of employment for Real Estate students. With the growth of large national and international real estate investment trusts, there is an even greater demand for people who can apply sophisticated investment management strategies to maximized returns in a sector where demand is always rising but supply rarely is.

    • CE 463Construction Cost Estimating
    • FI 331Principles of Real Estate
    • FI 334Intro to Real Estate Property Management
    • FI 432Real Estate Appraisal
    • FI 436Real Estate Finance
    • LGS 407Real Estate & Personal Property
  • Services Marketing

    Services are now a major driver of the U.S. and world economy.  Therefore, service marketing and management in the areas of people, business process, and the design of physical space are of great importance.  The ability to understand, map, design, and re-design business service processes, flow, and physical space across the value chain is critical as is the ability to manage service employees and teams.  

    Services marketing is a specialization designed for students interested in working in and managing teams of people to analyze, develop, and deliver world-class service, manage customer relationships, and work cross-functionally with other aspects of the organization such as sales, logistics, and operations. 

    • MKT 376Services Marketing
    • MKT 476Services Management
    • MKT 477Advanced Services Marketing
graduate programs

A General Business major will graduate with a well-rounded, big picture perspective on the nature and operations of business. This broad outlook puts graduates in a unique position to focus on and pursue a graduate degree in an area that they enjoyed studying during their undergraduate hours. For those, that wish to focus on a particular discipline we encourage you to have a look at all the graduate program information at The Manderson Graduate School of Business.

For those that enjoy the big-picture perspective, the programs listed below will continue to refine your skills.

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